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Producator :: NAD (150 produse)

NAD C 165BEE, preamplificator stereo hi-fi
NAD C 165BEE, preamplificator Stereo NAD The C 165BEE is an all new design representing a lifetime of design experience from NAD's renowned Director of Advanced Developments, Bjørn Erik Edvardsen. New semi-conductors and improved production techniques such as surface mount .
Pret: 3248.6 RON
Producator: NAD
Amplificator NAD C356BEE
SPECIFICATII TEHNICE PENTRU NAD C356BEE Improving an award-winning design is always a delicate task. Adding performance and value to an already highly optimised design requires vision, talent, and expertise. Fortunately for our music-loving customers, all three are on clear display .
Pret: 2700.0 RON
Producator: NAD
specificatii tehnice pentru NAD MDC DAC We love streaming computer music, especially 24/96 studio master tracks. But most computer sound cards are not designed for music production and end up ruining the sound while popular music streaming devices like Apple .
Pret: 850.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD D7050
specificatii tehnice pentru NAD D7050 D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier 2 x 50W @ 0.00% THD Wi-Fi (WPS) and wired Network connections Apple Airplay and DLNA media streaming aptX Bluetooth music streaming Supports bit rate/sample rate up to - .
Pret: 4399.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD C326BEE Features 50W x 2 Continuous Power into 4 ohms and 8 ohms 100W, 150W, 200W IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively PowerDrive™ circuit NAD SR 8 Full System Remote control Headphone socket Front panel .
2 oferte
de la: 1579.0 RON
la 1750.0 RON
Categorie: Amplificatoare
Producator: NAD
NAD T737
NAD has an enviable reputation for delivering superb value for money, especially when performance is a priority. Though not offering quite the degree of customization of our higher priced Modular Design Construction AVR’s, the T 737 features the same remarkable .
Pret: 2269.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD C315BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Creating a New reference NAD has an enviable reputation for creating some of the best performing budget amplifiers of all time. The lineage is impressive, all the way from the 3020 of 1978 to the current C325BEE, with many “Best .
Pret: 1039.0 RON
Producator: NAD
We have only made subtle improvements to the original design over the past 30 years and the C325BEE is no exception. Here, we use the same solid platform as the C320, while adding an MP3-type socket to allow for related .
Pret: 1323.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD C352 Amplificator Stereo Integrat
Following the success and acclaim of the C350, NAD saw room for refinement by making several simple improvements in order to increase ergonomics and improve overall tonal quality while passing on an overall savings to the customer. A massive Holmgren™ .
Pret: 1606.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD C162
Even in the digital world, the purist still exists. The arrival of the C162 marks the pinnacle of ultimate in performance combined with simplicity and ease-of-use. Now sound that is pure and true to original recordings can be enjoyed with .
Pret: 1862.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD C272
The NAD C 272 is part of that new line of amplifiers, which will further enhance NAD’s enviable reputation for state of the art products at sensible prices. The C272 like all NAD products, achieves its performance through the employment .
Pret: 2303.0 RON
Categorie: Receiver AV
Producator: NAD
NAD C425
Whether you are looking for excellent performance, ease of use or the convenience of RDS, the Model C425 offers all these with the low price / high performance ratio that NAD is so renowned for. Tuner C422 features:- RDS PS .
Pret: 911.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD C555
The NAD C555 Turntable is quite easily one of the best turntables money can by. Created in the image of an audiophile, the C555 features an elite selection of premium-grade parts combined with three over three decades of engineering experience .
Pret: 2225.0 RON
Categorie: Pick-up
Producator: NAD
Un tunning asupra premiatului C521BEE a condus la aparitia modelului C525BEE, prin introducerea amplificatoarelor operationale Burr-Brown si a condensatorilor cu polipropilena si a rezistentelor cu pelicula metalica in circuitele esentiale. Rezultatul este scaderea distorsiunilor si a jitter-ului si un sunet .
Pret: 1127.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD T515
The T515 includes the latest type of connection, the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) with High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) to allow direct transmission of uncompressed HD video and audio in a pure digital format. HDMI is not “just another .
Pret: 1200.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD T744
The NAD T744 is heir to many generations of award winning NAD designs. This exceptional pedigree is evident in both the look and the feel of the T744, and it is unmistakable the moment you listen. Based on the highly .
Pret: 2043.0 RON
Producator: NAD
Super Promotie! NAD T765 la pret special!
Super Promotie! NAD T765 la pret special si cu un cablu gratuit Supra HF100 HDMI-HDMI 1m. Pret NAD T765 . 5712 ron Pret Supra HDMI 1m . 148 ron - Pret total 5860 ron Pret special pachet NAD’s “Music First” .
Pret: 6805.0 RON
Producator: NAD
The L54 may well be the perfect solution for people who demand superb performance combined with elegant style and simple operation. Whether your primary interest is listening to music, or if your enjoyment comes from watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters, .
Pret: 2138.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD has always had a formidable reputation when it comes to high performance receivers, by combining our most popular amplifi ers with a high performance AM/FM tuner to make receivers with a genetic advantage. The NAD 7020, and more recently .
Pret: 1813.0 RON
Producator: NAD
NAD C715
The C715 combines all your favorite music sources into one very compact box. A sensitive high performance FM/AM tuner and a full function CD Player are included. Connections for adding extra analog and digital devices are available both on the .
Pret: 1754.0 RON
Producator: NAD